Getting 'Improperly formatted auth' when trying to connect with my mIRC bot

This started happening basically overnight it seems. When i try to connect to the server port 6667
im getting that error “ Improperly formatted auth”
im grabbing the token, and the ‘oauth:’ before it. pasting it into (i believe) the right box

I’ve tried a couple variations., tried moving the token to different spots.
I’ve updated mIRC to 7.63 and the issue still persists.
I have no idea whats going on, could really use some help :frowning:

You did do


No space at the start/end/middle?

correct, direct copy from the token generator.

Solved my issue by moving the password to the first field.
connecting to
Changing my Login Method to SASL (/CAP)
Leaving the 2nd field blank

Bot connects as expected after.

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