Getting notified of announcements only

Is there a way to get emailed any time there’s a new topic posted in the Announcements category, but not with all the others? I can always come to the site itself to see what else is going on, but I really don’t need to be emailed about everything.

If you go to the Announcements category, just to the right of the new topic button is a notification button. You can set that to ‘Watching First Post’ and you will be notified each time there is a new topic. It’s category specific so you can set it to be notified for Announcements and just not set notifications on the others :slight_smile:

Everything other than Announcements is on “Normal” (notify if someone replies to me or tags me). Half an hour ago, I got a notification for this topic:

I don’t think I’m getting notified about every new topic, but there are some that definitely are getting pushed through, and I’m confused as to which/why.

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