Getting Parameter redirect_uri does not match registered URI error only in production

I did an app which displays some datas from Twitch API,

I registered 2 apps in : the development one and the production one,
The URL of the production one is :
The URL of the development one is : http://localhost:3000

Everything works fine with the development one, but in the production one I get the “Parameter+redirect_uri+does+not+match+registered+URI” error in the URL,

I put the right client_id and client_secret for every environment, but even in production I’m redirected to “http://localhost:3000/?error=redirect_mismatch&error_description=Parameter+redirect_uri+does+not+match+registered+URI”, but the redirect_uri in prod is

I can’t see where is the problem :frowning:

When the Redirect URI doesn’t match one of the redirect URI’s listed in the console.

Twitch will redirect to the first listed redirect URI in the console with that error.

This suggests that you specified an invalid/unmatched redirect URI in your outbound link to Twitch.
Commonly this can be a missing / on the end of the URI in the console or not URI Encoding the redirect URI in the outbound link.

So without a copy of how you are constrcuting your outbound link and a screenshot for your console I can’t tell you what specifically is wrong

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