Getting rate limited with new OAuth tokens

Hey I’m a bit confused on how I’m getting rate limited responses back when trying to subscribe to a webhook or querying for user information. I’m sending the below two curl commands:

curl -vH “Authorization: Bearer token” -X GET ‘

curl -vH “Authorization: Bearer token” -H “Content-Type: application/json” -X POST -d ‘{“hub.mode”:“subscribe”, “hub.topic”:“”, “hub.callback”:“”, “hub.lease_seconds”:“0”, “hub.secret”: “”}’

Both are receiving a status code of 429 and the headers in the response show the following:

Ratelimit-Limit: 120
Ratelimit-Remaining: 0
Ratelimit-Reset: 1522898025

I was using this same command about 24 hours ago and it worked fine. Then when I tried again about an hour ago I was getting throttled. I thought this was strange so I changed my password and created a new OAuth token but I saw the same response.

I know for a fact I am not hitting Twitch with more than 120 request a minute, what else could I be doing wrong?

Rate limit is by IP address.

So you sure you got nothing else going on from your originating IP?

I am having the same problem here.

The old (v5) api is working just fine, but the new api is giving me 429 errors, under all circumstances.
I am polling the top ~6k channels online every ~8 minutes, thus only making ~60 requests in single bursts nicely spaced out, but even after not running it at all on my personal network for hours I instantly get a 429 error, with a RateLimit-Reset of ~1 minute, a RateLimit-Limit of 120 and a RateLimit-Remaining of 0.

It was working fine for a couple days on my VPS, now it wont work on my vps, home network, or any IP, even with fresh & personal OAuth codes.
At least the old API is still working, but I would like to keep working on making the switch to the new one.

Makes me feel better knowing I’m not the only one getting errors. Thanks for verifying there’s a problem. Guess I’ll just wait until they fix the issue

@unique It just started working for me again!
Lets hope it stays stable now :stuck_out_tongue:

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