Getting rid of bots

I have a small channel and bots love these kind of channels. NOT ME :rage: !!
Si i’d like to discuss a bit about that, some bots cannot get kicked with a chat command and they can’t leave your chat which totally sucks.

I had up to 8 bots such as Avocadobadado, Commanderroot, Electricallongboard, Skinnyseahorse, I managed to get rid of the others but I can’t do anything against those or future new termnator bots. They do not break any of the rules unfortunately.

But we should have, as admins on our own channel a way to kick bots or even people from your own channel. They wouldn’t be able to get into any of your chats (subs/mods/followers etc) or even watch your live streams/past broadcasts.
Banning isn’t enough for such a thing, they can still lurke into your chat, but a kick would save the day.

If there is any other ways to kick them (I mean right now) I’ll be glad to hear about because I found nothing.

Sofa :wink:

Ignoring them is your only option as they’re not breaking the ToS, Community Guidelines, or the Developer Agreement.

If you’re worried about them getting some sort of info from your chat you should realise it’s possible to connect to chat anonymously (which is why you can still view chat even if you’re not logged in to Twitch yourself), so even if you could remove them from the list of chatters that wouldn’t stop them still being able to read your chat.

They aren’t harming you or your channel, and most of these bots aren’t even doing anything at all with your chat other than simply being there.

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