Getting Stream Key from User's Authentication Details?

I saw this link on the Twitch API documentation that details how to get a stream key, but it seems like it only works for a user who has a developer account. Is there a method to get the stream key for any user, given that user’s login credentials? I apologize if I misunderstood the docs.

Basically, I am looking for a command that will return the stream key, given any arbitrary Twitch username and password.

You, the developer making the API request, has to have registered an app on Twitch, but the the Get Stream Key endpoint works for any user. You just need that user to go through your apps OAuth flow to grant you an OAuth token with permission to access their stream key.

Not username and password no

You need an oAuth token.

  • So a user goes to your site.
  • Clicks login with Twitch
  • User grants permission (with the channel:read:stream_key scope)
  • You get a code
  • Exchange the code for an oAuth token

Then use that oAuth token to get the stream key.

It’s not locked to developers.

You only need to have signed up for a client ID then authenticate whomever you need

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