Getting Sub List with Helix return 404 (ajax)

Hi all,

trying to get my channel sublist through helix api, but the ajax request give me a “404 Not found” return error.
This script is running on my local webserveur (httpd).

Here is my code :

 type: 'POST',
 url: '',
 headers: {
   'Authorization': 'Bearer MYTOKEN',
   'Client-ID': 'MYCLIENTID'
 success: function(data) {
error: function (request, error) {
   		alert(" Can't do because: " + error);


Is there some problem running twitch api on localhost ?
The httpd server on witch this script is running works with ssl and a self signed ssl certificate, is it a problem ?
Can’t find any a solution matching my problem on the web.

You POST’ed instead of GET’ed

Thx for your reply.
How i couldn’t see it…

With a GET request, now the helix api return an “Unauthorized” error.
Even if i refresh my token with the “channel:read:subscriptions” scope, still the same error.
This is my very first time with twitch api, so i don’t understand yet all the subtleties.

I hope not making a mistake with the “broadcaster_id” parameter, witch for me is my channel name (lowercase).

You did generate a user access token and not a server access token?

If you call with your token, if the return contains a user_id you have the correct kind of token.

Otherwise you need to generate a user token

  • This applies for most use cases

Everything works fine with the GET request and fresh token.

Thx again.

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