Getting the start time or end time of a past twitch stream

Hello I have been reading through the api reference docs looking for a way to accomplish this and haven’t been able to. I want to be able to see when a streamer was live so I can use data gathered from a game api to automatically timestamp VODS at the start of a match. unfortunately even though getting a VOD gives me a “stream_id” I am not finding a way to use that stream ID to get a start time or end time for the stream.

The closest thing I found that I could think of was using the “created_at” value from the VOD and using the “duration” value to backtrack to the start of the VOD under the assumption that the VOD is created when the stream ends. Unfortunately it seems like the VOD isn’t created right away because the video needs to process and this processing time seems to not be consistent.

Is there some other endpoint I am missing that could help me with this?

Historical stream information is not presented in the current API.

I have it for the streamers I work with as I collected it in real time via eventsub stream start/end topics

You cna create a uservoice for this request here - we sure to include your use case and reasoning

Thanks for the quick reply. I will look into the Event sub option and see if that is a feasible route for me, and use your link to create a uservoice.

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