Getting token for a live stream

I want to play live stream in my own video player. To do this, firstly i need to grab live playlist. To do this, i need to get channel’s access token.
recently i use this way:

But since some hours ago this way is stop working :frowning:
Which is the new way to get the channel’s token?
Please help! It is very important for me!

The only supported methods for playing a live stream are covered here

This is an undocumented/unsupported endpoint that can break or change at any point. It has changed.

There is no “new way” as there was no “old way”.

There is no supported endpoint to do what you want to do

This was also covered in this duplicate post

TLDR: You cannot and should not be doing what you are doing.

but browser plug-in is still working without updates.

Browser plugins? In what context? How so?

They don’t tend to need to make a call to this API as far as I know…

Either way, it’s STILL an unsupported undocumented API endpoint that Third parties should NOT be calling

then how do they get the token if not through the API?
I totally need any help or info

i have idea!
Just add this function to the official API. Why not? What’s problem?
Many developers need this function.

I’m not Twitch Staff I can’t answer that.

In my opinion, people use this API to then connect to the stream video and that then bypass adverts and other infrastructure that the embed players provide. (Things like chat and Twitch extensions).

So I don’t think Twitch will consider providing this as an official API. Since they don’t want you to create “non standard/off platform” players.

Many developers doing something they are not supposed to be doing need this function.

Is what you meant to write. It’s not documented, as Twitch doesn’t want you to use it. Hence you are not having this issue calling an API you are not supposed to be calling.

Also, since the begining of your thread you didn’t said why you need that undocumented endpoint.
Maybe if you explain your usecase, people can point you to a legit solution.

I need to record live stream automatically, even when i sleeping or at work.
since today it’s impossible :cold_sweat:

If you’re the broadcaster, you can record locally.

If you’re not the broadcaster, you’re likely violating Twitch’s Developer Agreement by doing what you’ve been doing, and Twitch are unlikely to ever support you in what you’re doing.

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If you are the broadcaster, +1 to local record.

If you are not the broadcaster, you are either

  • Recording it without permission of the broadcaster, so thats content theft essentially,
  • Recording with permission,

If it’s with permission you are likely an editor of their channel, so you can download the VOD from Twitch instead, using the tools that Twitch provides. Once the stream is complete. No real need to record it in real time.

record free translation is a crime? :laughing:

If you act as a service to record the streamer’s content, you will have to set up a custom RMTP server, that will record locally the stream on your server while sending the data to Twitch server.

you are will not understand me

Correct… This didn’t even make grammatical sense.

Why do you need the live stream to be acquired, rather than downloading the VOD?

i’m from Russia. My english is very bad.

VOD might be deleted at any time.

If the VOD is deleted, then you don’t have the rights to have a copy of it.

The broadcaster deleted the VOD for a reason.

I knew you’d say that

Please note that this would violate the Twitch Developer Services Agreement. Specifically, at the time of this writing, the following is stated under “Embeddable Player” in “Schedule 1.”

If you have an idea that involves distribution of video content outside the Twitch player, or commercial uses not expressly permitted by Twitch, send us a request and we will consider it ( Unless we permit it, don’t do it.

Please use the Twitch embed products for displaying live broadcasts and VODs.