Getting top videos for a game

I need to fetch the top videos for a particular game, say hearthstone.
After reading the api I figured that is the API I should use.

However, the API does not give correct results.
For example, returns me 10 games, but all have very few (< 500) views.
Those videos do not match with what I see at

Please let me know how I can get the top videos for a given game.

Thank you!

Adding @DallasNChains because he mentioned this API endpoint in this post: Retrieve Most Popular Videos On Particular channel via API call

Huh. I’ll have to look into the default behavior. I added &broadcast_type=all and seem to get the same results as the page you referenced. Try this:

Thanks @DallasNChains. That does work.
So, is the documentation a bit out of date? I could not find broadcast_type as a parameter in

That’s exactly what I have to figure out. :slight_smile: I found out about broadcast_type by doing a network inspection of the page you linked to. That’s where I spotted the difference!

Interesting. I did see the network calls, but I missed that parameter.
Now, looking at it, I see another parameter “on_site=1”. I tried using 0,1,2,3 etc, but could not find any change. Out of curiosity, what does that do?

That’s probably a true/false flag, which likely relates to vods auto deleting after 60 days

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