Getting total category viewers

Is there a way to get the total viewers for a category via the API ?
For example :slight_smile: Twitch
Shows XX Viewers - XX Followers at the top
which would be the total count of all channels

Heres an example

  • Load Categories,
  • For each category load a number of pages from streams with that category
  • And stop after 50 pages or last stream whichever comes first

So fo you, you just need to do that last two steps since you are looking up a single category.

Just load up to 50 pages of streams with a category/game filter.

After 50 pages you are getting into the weeds and should have a statistically signifcant estimate of the number

So for slots I read currently: which only had two pages of results


Brilliant thanks for that.
Does Twitch have a dev support email at all as I have a couple of questions regarding my project and could do with some clarification on a couple of points

Unless it’s legal related. Then that is the purpose of these forums and/or the community discord. Support | Twitch Developers

Ok thanks, can you advise on the API call limit as I can’t seem to find that info

Rate limits are in the guide:

Each client ID has a point-refill rate of 800 points per minute per user and a bucket size of 800 points. The limit is across all Twitch API queries. If this limit is exceeded, an error is returned: HTTP 429 (Too Many Requests).

Infomration regarding the rate limit is returned in headers, as documented

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