Getting user ID in TwitchIO

I’m writing a twitch bot. I’d like to be able to store ranking of number of comments posted. So I’d like to label users by their Twitch ID in DB.

I wrote this get function :

  5 def getId(chatter : Union[twitchio.Chatter, twitchio.PartialChatter]):                                                                                                                               
  6     if isinstance(chatter,twitchio.chatter.Chatter):                            
  8         userVar =                                        
  9         print("NormalChatter", type(userVar))                                   
 11         return userVar                                                          
 12         #return                                       
 13         #return                                                      
 15     elif isinstance(chatter, twitchio.PartialChatter):                          
 16         return chatter.user().id                                                
 17     else:                                                                       
 18         print("NoneBoy")   

While getting chatters from Channel object I end up with Chatter object as tested by print in line 9. Chatter object should have “id” attribute as per [Dataclass Reference - TwitchIO 2.8.2 documentation] It has the attribute, but he attribute is NULL.

I tried to get ID by using channel and “user()” coroutine, but it seems like it does not return anything other than itself ( causes 'AttributeError: ‘coroutine’ object has no attribute ‘id’ ') I did it because I thought maybe it’s some inheritance from PartialChatter obj.

Does anyone knows how to get this user ID ?

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