Getting Users with Helix

Previously, in the Kraken API, I could send multiple user logins and if one was invalid it would return null for that entry.

In Helix, if one of those user logins is invalid, the whole response returns an error.

  error: 'Bad Request',
  status: 400,
  message: 'Invalid login names, emails or IDs in request'

What’s the best way to address this?

Do you have an example request that caused?

In a couple of spot tests I couldn’t get a 400.

I looked up three users (via login=foo&login=bar&login=baz, one of the logins being a banned Twitch User)

I got the expected two entries in the data array, the third being missing as banned

Edit: your error would suggest that, in the case of id=x&id=y one of the ID’s is a word instead. Or one of the login’s is invalid/doesn’t meet the formatting.

Generally speaking you might be able to get away with 1-to-1 look ups. Since generally it’s tough ot eat the rate limit, if running concurrently.

Ok, thank you! I missed that change in the docs. Works great now.

Ah I’m guessing you were trying to pass a CSV to the parameter instead of multiple parameters of the same key name?