Getting video information

I can’t find how to get a video infomation with the New API, like this:


e.g. Preview pictures (thumbnails), fps, muted segments, date creation, date deletion, channel owned, etc.

Having the same issue. Seems they removed the endpoint without creating a comparable one with the same type of data on Helix.


The Get Videos endpoint returns video information

Not all the data you want is included, such as there’s no muted segments or fps field, so if you have a use case for needing that data you should submit a feature request at

why would someone want to downgrade the API? The old version worked fine.

this site does not loading.

It’s entirely up to Twitch what information they want to expose to 3rd parties. There could be any number of reasons why some fields are not included in Helix, such as performance/technical reasons, lack of sufficient use cases, legal reasons, no expressed demand for such data by the 3rd party developer community, or any other reason/combination of reasons.

It works fine here, so if you’re having issues you should check your dev console and see what your error is.

Even video thunbnails and date deletion? :scream: Is this a secret info? :astonished: What’s happining? :man_facepalming:

Did you look at the Get Videos documentation I linked? Thumbnails are included.

As for deletion, if a video is deleted then it’s expected that you shouldn’t get any information about that video, because it doesn’t exist.

{ "data": [ {
        "id": "794819504",
        "user_id": "133850478",
        "user_name": "tati",
        "title": " karapupes", 

        "description": "",
        "created_at": "2020-11-07T12:18:02Z",
        "published_at": "2020-11-07T12:18:02Z",
        "url": "",
        "thumbnail_url": "{width}x%{height}.jpg",
        "viewable": "public",

        "view_count": 34009,
        "language": "ru",
        "type": "archive",
        "duration": "5h54m11s"



"pagination": {}


This is it. There is no thumbnails and no other important info. This is very big jump backward.

So what? As long as the video exists, I want to know the date when it will be deleted.

VoDs last a set time, as explained in the help page Twitch Help Portal

If they’re a partner/prime user, add 60 days to the creation date and you have the date it’ll be automatically deleted. If they are a regular broadcaster add 14 days.

The “thumbnail_url” field is a template, not a real thumbnail.
This url is raising the “400 error”

Which is why you edit that template url with the width and height that you want and it will work.

how can I find out all the available values?

You decide the values.

1920x1080, 1280x720 are common sizes for large images, or for smaller images 440x248 or 320x180 are common sizes like those used on Twitchs own page for thumbnail.

It’s up to you what you use, and what your needs are, the API will attempt to scale the image, and/or add black bars as padding, to meet the dimensions you specify.

how do I determine the original image size, not scaled?
There is one more question: where is the animated preview URL now? This is also very important for me.

Most streams tend to be 1920x1080 (or any 16:9 ratio)

You can also poke around the website for common sizes it uses

A uservoice will be needed to request this functionality

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