Getting video thumbnail for content we do not own

We were previously using the solution provided here: How to get thumbnail from vod URL? but it no longer works.

Is there any other solution now to retrieve thumbnails for videos we do not own? We have an app access token, but it doesn’t appear to allow us to get the thumbnail for videos we do not own.

Our use case is that we run a contest platform where people can submit video nominations from twitch. So often times users are submitting videos on behalf of other twitch users but providing us with the twitch video URL. We can now no longer grab the thumbnail of the video when we display it our gallery.

Is there any workaround for this to grab the video thumbnail without owning the video?

I’m afraid I can’t replicate your issue - Using the Get Video endpoint with an App Access Token, I get all the info back as expected.

The endpoint mentioned in the linked post is old and refers to Version 3 of the API, which has been shut off for a long while.

Note that Clips (not Videos) had a recent change that changed the format of the Slug at the end, so I could see you having potential issues parsing those. (Also acknowledging that Clips are not Videos, so you’d have to use Get Clips instead of Get Videos.)

If you are using those Endpoints and run into Errors - post what Errors exactly you are getting. (Specifically, the BODY of the response has more info, so make sure to include that)

And just to verify: here is me getting a VOD from Ninja, who has not authorized my App.

Also, as you were using v3/kraken before, make sure to check out the Migration Guide in the Docs for some pointers as to what has changed for the new API.

Hmmm you are correct. I tried this yesterday and I kept getting an error, just tried it again this morning and it works. Thanks for the help.

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