Gift Tier 1,2,3 Sub

Hello Guys,

Does anyone have a simple code ( PHP - laravel ) for how to send gift Tier 1 to streamer?

Example: user pay for Tier 1 on my website for X streamer ! after pay success, I want to send a gift to the user ( who pays) for x Streamer!?

If you guys can, please send me a reference for this.

This is not possible.

There is no way to automate giving or purchasing subscriptions

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Thanks for the answer, but I know a website after we purchase a gift automatically sends a gift ( Tier 1 or 2 or 3 ) to the user!
And the website only asks about the user ( who pay ) and streamer userID!
So if you think it’s not possible to do it automatically, it means this website does it manually ??


it’s impossible to do automatically, this website must have someone doing it manually as the payment flow requires manual intervention and at any point can prompt the user for additional details.

Sounds like all this does is redirects the user to the main Twitch payment flow instead.

thanks again, 90% people in my country don’t have access to the PayPal or they must pay a lot for creating an account ! so I try to find a way to pay for them if they want to subscribe someone in twitch!
and now I think must do it manually!

thanks for the help :heart:

PayPal is not required,such%20as%20paysafecard%20via%20Xsolla.

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