Giftpaidupgrade and msg-param-months

With the new giftpaidupgrade USERNOTICE I’ve noticed that it does not pass the msg-param-months parameter which is included with the sub/resub/subgift notices.

As I understand it, anyone can ‘continue’ a gifted sub at T1. So while most continuations will be 2 months not all will be.

I would find it useful if msg-param-months was added as I do not store info about subscribers and their subscription lengths and use the available message parameters with every notice.

It’s an “advert” for Subtember.

it’s NOT a resubscription notification.

It’s just saying “hey this person will renew their sub next month”

I’m 99% sure it DOES NOT trigger for ALL people whom do this, as it’s behaviour is similar to the “charity cheers message” of the same a while back

so is there any way for us to read the advert coming into the chat?



For example (parsed):

Over IRC only. With tags CAP enabled: parsing for “non standard” USERNOTICE command

{ tags:
   { badges: [ [Object], [Object] ],
     color: '#FF69B4',
     display_name: 'GUY',
     emotes: true,
     id: 'SOMEID',
     login: 'GUY',
     mod: '0',
     msg_id: 'giftpaidupgrade',
     msg_param_promo_gift_total: '60821',
     msg_param_promo_name: 'Subtember',
     msg_param_sender_login: 'GUY',
     msg_param_sender_name: 'GUY',
     room_id: 'SOMEROOM',
     subscriber: '1',
     system_msg: 'GUY\\sis\\scontinuing\\sthe\\sGift\\sSub\\sthey\\sgot\\sfrom\\sGUY!\\sThey\'re\\sone\\sof\\s60821\\sgift\\ssubs\\sto\\scontinue\\sthis\\sSubtember.',
     tmi_sent_ts: '1536687547699',
     turbo: '0',
     user_id: 'SOMEID',
     user_type: true },
  prefix: '',
  server: '',
  command: 'USERNOTICE',
  rawCommand: 'USERNOTICE',
  commandType: 'normal',
  args: [ '#SOMECHANNEL' ] }
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ok, so we are looking for " msg_param_promo_name: ‘Subtember’,"

rawCommand: ‘USERNOTICE’,


msg_id: ‘giftpaidupgrade’,

Ah. That makes sense. Thanks Barry!

Barry is the best

Do you know if this is available via the PubSub service and if so, what the topic is? Or is it just a USERNOTICE?

Only via USERNOTICE there have been no published changes for Pubsub and no new random/related messages over pubsub, that I have observed.

It’s just an advert for it and doesn’t send for EVERY SINGLE upgrade… Just like the Doctors without borders cheer stuff.


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