Global Chat Ban

Hey, I thinking or making a twitch bot but I know if you send 30 messages in 30 seconds you get a 8 hours chat ban.
so this is my question does /timeout or /ban count as a chat message?

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~Twitch user- Scania_The_Best

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yes, all IRC messages sent as PRIVMSG. These include normal messages and chat commands.

edit : strike that, my bad

Currently commands are NOT counted toward this limit since a recent upgrade to the chat system. However it is uncertain whether this will change back.

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Oh, nice thanks for the help :slight_smile:

/me is an exception to that, and still counts towards the limit. And the limit is 20 messages in 30 seconds, not 30 in 30.

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Since /me isn’t actually a command registered to the server. Just a fancy formatted PRIVMSG.

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If the client sends the ACTION format itself then sure, that’s not a command, but /me definitely is. You can send PRIVMSG #channel :/me and the server will convert it for you.

So example I will never do this but If I would type .timeout , 21 times in 30 sec I will not get a global ban right?

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