Got Extensions Agreements instead of Affiliate Agreements

I completed the “Path to Affiliate” but I assume due to me signing up for looking into Extensions and singing up as a Dev as well (which is accurate, I have written apps for Twitch API) I received the Agreements for Extensions Developer instead of Affiliate.

Is this common? If so, is there an easy fix on my end? If not, how do I go about getting this fixed?

If you signed up to be an Extension developer, but never completed on-boarding, and then progressed to the point where you should receive an invite to become an affiliate, the affiliate invite will not arrive.

For context, the partner, affiliate, and extension on-boarding leverage the same system. You can only have one type of on-boarding in progress at a time. The good thing, is that you are able to upgrade your on-boarding type (and do not need to re-take the tax interviews).

My suggestion is to complete the Extension developer on-boarding, which will then enable you to on-board as an affiliate.

How long does the onboarding process take for Extension? I have filled out all the “paperwork” including the Payout information but can’t seem to find where to “upgrade”.

@rbartlet any ideas? When I finished the process it stated:

Setup Complete
You made it! You’re all set. Return to the Developer Portal.
If you want to change your payout information, click Start Over to reset the form.

When I click “Developer Portal” it takes me to Twitch Developers but don’t don’t see any message about completing Onboarding or anything similar.

Nevermind… I was just a impatient.

Hi, i’m having the same issue, how did you upgrade?

PD: I sent an email to twitch support and i’m being ignored u.u

It just happened. I didn’t have to do anything but wait 2-3 weeks.

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Its so frustrating. I became eligible after the first week of streaming. I was waiting for a few days and no invite email came. (then I started on-boarding of extensions developers and completed it right that day and all 4 green COMPLETE are there since then)

Since that time, it is now a lot of days passed and still no affiliate although I have more than 1000 followers and +300 hours and +6 average viewers and last 3 weeks.

I sent email to support 2 times and it seems they don’t read at all and just copy and paste a few FAQ and that’s it!

Anyone who comes to view my streaming just laugh, saying why you still with that much of activity are not affiliate! (That’s the question that I also have)

I’ll wait a few days and if I don’t get it I’ll move to Youtube (as I have more than 1000 subscribers there too and if I would stream that +300 hours gaming there, I would easily get monetizing my channel)

@bsquidwrd Hey, i don’t know if you are still checking this site, btw i cam through ur problem when i recently (just more than 1 week) achieved the “Path to Affiliate”, i did the “Onboarding” but it was for “Extensions Developer”. I don’t know if that was there even before, i didn’t notice, or it just unlocked when i achieved the Path to Affiliate, anyway i completed that with anagraphic and payout info required, but what now? Do i just have to wait for the upgrade? Cause i know from my friends that when u achieve the Path to Affiliate u get invited like immediately to the affiliate program and also u should receive an email, i didn’t receive the email yet cause i think is because Extension Developer Onboarding blocks the Affiliate one, and for what i can read here it’s just a time problem of beign too impatient, and in like 2-3 weeks i’ll be able to “upgrade” to affiliate (and probably one day even to partner?).
So if someone knows something what i should do, if this is normal or whatever, pls answer, cause this is frustrating, like i don’t have feedbacks, while the affiliate joining it’s like immediately after u fill up info required.