Grabbing screenshots / frames of streams programmatically

Hi everyone, Has anyone had any experience with parsing screenshots or frames of streams? If so, what solution did you use? I’d really like to avoid downloading VODS to analyze manually.

Can you explain what you mean by grabbing screenshots? The API already lists a screenshot as a preview of the VoD. If you want a series of screenshots for each VoD, you’d need to parse the actual VoD to generate them:

Yes, i wanted to grab a series of screenshots. It seems like its possible to parse VoDs via ffmpeg, but I’d prefer to grab a series of screenshots from live streams by utilizing livestreamer and gstreamer. Thanks for your response!

Were you wanting to pull the screenshots from the streams live? Or the recordings afterwards? Because if you wanted to get them as the stream is going, you could pull the preview images of the stream and store them. I don’t know how often it is updated though, but it would give you a rough picture of the stream’s timeline.

I was considering that, but I’m not sure how high resolution the thumbnail is as well. Additionally, what I’m trying to do requires fairly fast refresh

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