Granular Notification Options

I noticed in another thread that a better system for managing the people you Follow is coming soon.

Feature request: As part of this system, allow more control over how going-live notifications are delivered.

I have dozens of people I follow that go live every day. I would like to receive these as a mobile push notification, without spamming my inbox with emails that I then also have to go delete. (Getting around this currently with an automatic email filter.)

Current system only allows toggling notifications on or off, which are then simultaneously delivered via all available notification paths.

You can disable email notifications at

Disabling Email Notifications currently disables the entire notification selector box, along with the mobile app push notifications.

Disabling emails should not disable mobile notifications. You might want to double check that yourself.

Strange. So, after turning off emails for going-live notifications only (leaving them on for PMs and the like), my ability to change which channels I get notifications for is disabled, but I still get some App Push notifications, and definitely not all of the people I watch. Example, I just got one for KylaLandryPiano a few minutes ago, but didn’t get one an hour ago for AnneMunition. This behavior is… strange. And Should perhaps be a bug report rather than part of a feature request.

Would still like the site to not disable the which-channels-to-notify-for box if I’m still receiving some form of going-live notification though.

The emails UI disables your ability to manage notifications for all followed channels, but you can still manage per-channel notifications by clicking the dropdown arrow on the follow button of whatever channel you want to modify notifications for.

As for you getting only some notifications, that’s probably because push notifications have always been hit or miss. Twitch also recently disabled follow notifications of streams it thought you don’t watch:

As for submitting feedback or asking non-developer questions, this is not the right place to do so. You can email feedback to feedback [at], submit ideas to the Twitch UserVoice, submit a bug report, or ask for Twitch assistance via their helpdesk.

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