Group Chat: mod and unmod broken

Well, the title pretty much says it all.
The .mod and .unmod commands have no effect in group chats. The current mods still have their status, but there is no way to mod or unmod people.

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This is reproduceable

You have added nightbot as a moderator.
The moderators of this room are: night

Adding moderators has no effect on the database it seems.

I’d just like to say this hasn’t changed, still broken. Any plans on fixing it?

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It keeps getting worse. In addition to not being able to mod or unmod anyone, typing /mods now returns no moderators, even if there are moderators in the room.

The /mods command appears to be functional again, /mod and /unmod are still broken, but now return an error message.


[20:18] [Info] You don't have permission to grant mod status.


[20:21] [Info] You don't have permission to revoke mod status.

In a group chat owned by me.

Come on guys, I understand group chats are not a high priority right now, but this can’t be that hard.

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Group chat is still broken 281 days later. Looks like twitch doesn’t care about group chats.

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This is still broken

@jebby If this is still broken, please open a new thread.