Group Servers/ Whisper Server 2.0

Do Group servers / whisper servers, forgive me if I’m using the wrong term, play ping pong like the main server does? Currently I am staying connected to the whisper server indefinitely and it appears to drop connection after a prolonged period of time. Is one suppose to only connect when one needs to send a whisper? I am not finding any information on this matter. Would someone be so kind and fill me in either how they are doing it, links, or just a simple explanation.

Thanks ahead of time. :smiley:

You need to respond to IRC PING commands sent by the server or your connection will be dropped.

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@george Guess it helps if i actually read from that server. Boy I must be tired. Thanks buddy.

About once every five minutes, you will receive a PING from the server (both chat and group irc), in order to ensure that your connection to the server is not prematurely terminated, you should reply with PONG - Twitch IRC API

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