Group Streaming

My name is Jordan and I was thinking the other day, what if you could “group stream?”

Basically, if you have multiple people streaming as a group you would be able to quick switch between their screens and the audio would all route through twitch and you could choose who you wanted to listen to?

For example, I was watching Ninja play with DrLupo, TimTheTatMan, and BasicallyIDoWork, and I would love to be able to hot switch between their screens or view all of them at once without actually having to turn off one stream and on the next. This would also work very well for the UMG Friday Fortnite Tournaments where there are 2 teams of 2 PLUS a commentator stream, if they were all streaming together the user could choose who they wanted to watch and hear.

Of course this would work well for any eSports tournament that you could think of, AND it puts the power in the users hand.

Any thoughts, advantages, or drawbacks to creating this platform?

There are several “multitwitch” platforms with various layouts that could let you have multiple streams open. You could mute all but one but still see the action from all angles.

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