Have a bot join the new "Rooms"

I’m trying to get my bot “BentzBot” into a sub only “room” I don’t know how to get a list of the rooms available or how to join when I get the appropriate information. I’m using Java and don’t know how to convert “Curl” into java code. I’m really stuck can someone bail me out.

You can get the rooms that a channel has, if any, by using the karken/chat/<channel_id>/rooms endpoint. From there, you can send a JOIN command using the channel_id and uuid like this:

Send("JOIN #chatrooms:" + user_id + ":" + uuid);

The same concept applies to leaving a room or sending a message in a room.

Send("PART #chatrooms:" + user_id + ":" + uuid);
Send("PRIVMSG #chatrooms:" + user_id + ":" + uuid + " :" + trailing);

A general note: the channel_id and user_id are the same thing in the Kraken API.

So channel_id would be what ever channel the rooms are under, but how would I get the uuid for the rooms.

From the API endpoint I linked above.

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