Have a chat/whisper bot? Let us know!

@TheElm, because any number of users (including malicious bots) can authorize using your client_id, we can’t blanket approve them.

Any users that decide to use your application would also need to submit here. We’re not at all opposed to making this more streamlined, but don’t want to muddy the data before we have a process in place.

Hi xangold!

On the topic of user limitations in the whisper system, I wanted to mention that I’ve personally been blocked from using whispers when acting as a chat moderator on a Partner’s channel and I can usually expect to be blocked from whispers at least two times a week.

While I’m not a whisper bot and this falls outside the scope of this initiative, I’d like to suggest that the team also consider looking at the criteria for these limits in the context of chat moderators using the whisper system to assist viewers on a Twitch Partner’s channel while that channel is live.

@delcake Yep! We’ve discussed this a lot in depth. One of the issues with adding more permissions for human users, is that those also apply to programmatic users (both malicious and good). In order to lift rate limits for humans, we need a lot of data to help us segment the good from the unknown.


Cool, I’m glad to hear it’s on the radar! It definitely makes sense that a lot of careful consideration is necessary as abuse of the system isn’t fun for anyone. I imagine you guys are perfectly capable of gathering whatever data you need, but feel free to reach out to me if there’s a way I can contribute or if you need a test user when the time comes.

We appreciate ya!

seems like my bot still cant send whispers

To get your Client_ID follow thishttps://discuss.dev.twitch.com/t/how-do-i-get-my-client-id-solved/8016.

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@xangold Is there an ETA on being able to see the negated restrictions in the API? My bot is hosted entirely on my own servers, and I don’t want to to have my IPs temporarily banned by solely trusting user input.

There will always be restrictions, even if they do get relaxed somewhat, so if your bot is open to the potential of end users causing it to go past those limits you should really think about implementing a message queuing system that either delays messages if it’s too frequent or to just drop messages entirely if it would take you over the limit.

@Dist way ahead of you there. I already have a message queue. The queue stops and waits once it hits that hard limit. I’d just like a guarantee of what that limit is. I don’t want to rely on what users say their limit is, but what the API says their limit is. User input should always be considered dirty.

Please add your bot here, that will help with IP issues.We do have per-IP limits, which this can help increase. I’m hoping we are able to publish better and more in-depth guides to rate limits coming soon.

In the time being, we’ve seen our lack of publishing cause confusion with malicious bot actors, so we’re not publishing yet, but we’re in the process of getting better documentation about them to you.

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Will those who have submitted a form be notified when it’s either been accepted or denied?
I submitted mine two days ago :slight_smile: Just would be nice to have confirmation.

can I use the same nickname for myself and bot?
or they must be different?

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I just went through applicants and added those who had two factor auth enabled.

@knightsirius not right now programatically. That’s planned though!

@A_o_W We recommend using a new username for your bot. This really helps us differentiate bots from humans.


Thanks for the update :slight_smile:
It’ll be nice to have a streamlined sign-up process for those with new bots in the future. Glad you guys are working on this.

@Satont what is your bot’s username? It likely was already blocked.

2 bots:
and i need more bots for whisper access… want to add more…

Please add them to the form so we can review them. (and turn on two factor authentication!)

They are already in form (StrayRobot and 7700bot)

Can you check if they can whisper now?

edit: taking this to DM