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I want users of my bot to be able to use custom usernames. As I read above, they should apply here too. Will there be a way, in the future, to see if a user is applied for bot?
All those usernames will be running with one script, thus will use the limits of a bot account: to prevent being muted I would like to only allow users that are verified bot accounts.

Does this include mIRC? I can’t login anymore with it and as far as I can tell it’s an OAuth problem. Also, I noticed http://twitchapps.com/tmi/ generates different tokens for the same account. Is that normal?

Try generating a new token. Even though they shouldn’t expire I’ve had a few of mine go dead for unknown reasons. Just to use an IRC client doesn’t require whitelisting.

Each time you will get a different token but the previous are still valid.

This is 100% normal use of OAuth applications. Tokens are not IDs, for every time a user authenticates, a new random token pair is generated.

I do not believe what @george says is true, IIRC. OAuth Token/Refresh pairs are 1 per user per application. Once a user authenticates a second time, or a refresh token is used, the old one immediately expires.

To answer your original question, yes this covers mIRC and all authenticated chat programs.

My statement is correct. That may be how most OAuth 2 application work but not Twitch.


I submitted my application, but I am 2 days outside of June :frowning: Am I too late?

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No… as far as I understood, this will be on-going until a better solution is developed.

So think my bots was “catched” as spammers before, can u unban some accs?
GlinomesBot, AnevstyBot, A1taodaBOT, kalashz0rbot

I am new to this thread, but I am assuming my bot was probably set as spam as well. I can only send whispers from my bot, to the channel it is in, and to nobody else. Darth_Bot

I haven’t fully sat down and thought about this, just saw the tweet/email and had an idea. Would it be possible for us to send something back thru the api to identify the account as a bot and the first time it contacts someone they get options about how they receive things from the bot. (I trust trust this bot, this bot is spam, get responses but mute them, etc)

While that wouldn’t keep spam bots from identifying as a legit bot it would allow each user to control whisper rate on their end and ignore spam bots.

bots: dg_bot, wrxbot

I like 2FA. 2FA is a good thing. What I don’t like is having to use Authy in this specific case - while other people have access to where the bot is hosted and the code, I literally cannot grant anybody else access to the 2FA. If it was e.g. Google Auth, I could simply share the secret from the QR code, and it could be archived somewhere. As it stands, both my Twitch account and the bots Twitch account are tied to my personal Authy (I provided my phone number as requested, got no notification or SMS, so entered the code displayed in Authy, which was accepted). Admittedly the situation where this becomes relevant involves me being hit by a bus, and I probably won’t be capable of caring at that stage.

Is there a way to verify if a bot has been listed or not?
I’ve filled the form early June but have not received any notification yet.
Botname is magic_chest


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Referenced posts from @xangold:

In short, if you submitted the form, they will get to it in roughly a week (probably). Provided you have 2FA on I guess.

I’ve added bots that signed up to the form as of about an hour ago. If you have 2FA and are not a spam bot, you are basically guaranteed access :slight_smile:

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What happens if your bot was detected as a spam bot? Because I applied a few weeks ago, it has 2FA on the account, and it still doesn’t work with new people. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I applied 2 weeks ago and my whispers are still not being sent to viewers from my bot. I hope they release this “confirmation” system soon.

Registering your account as a bot should not be the thing preventing your users from receiving whispers.
There are many numbers of things that could be preventing your users from receiving the whispers.

  • The user has some sort of whisper filtering enabled. Random users cannot send them whispers, unless they are on their friends list, or the user whispers the bot account first.
  • Depending on your IRC implementation you could be trying to use the WHISPER command that is built into the IRC protocol. Twitch does not use this implementation, and you may need to use the “.whisper” command.

That’s just a couple.

Well someone on the MIRC forums referred me to this thread. My bot can whisper the stream it is linked to (darthclide in this case). But it can’t whisper anyone else. And no, the users I am testing on do not have whispering disabled. They are set to public.

Also, this whole “whisper the bot account first” is the reason why I am having problems in the first place. I need my bot to automatically message new users who join. There should be no need for users to send a whisper to the bot first. My friend’s system works just fine because he has users whisper the bot, but that is not what I need.

So who do I need to take this issue up with to fix it?

That fact that you can successfully whisper one account, but not another is strange behavior. I also run a bot that I’ve created that is capable of whispering, but I’ve upgraded to websockets over IRC almost as soon as that came out.

This thread isn’t exactly the place for asking about whisper assistance, I’d suggest opening a new thread and then seeing if I can help more. Try to include some of your code.

I just made a post with my code, I hope we can solve this.