Having Problems Connecting To irc.twitch.tv:6667 On 01/23/2015 @ 09:46 AM EST


I’m trying to connect to irc.twitch.tv port 6667 using willie the irc bot as well as the web chat client by twitch. The clients connect then disconnects about 5 seconds later. The session info I’m receiving with the irc bot is:

*** Connecting to port 6667 of server irc.twitch.tv
-tmi.twitch.tv- Error logging in

I’m also having issues connecting with the twitch web chat client receiving error messages like “Sorry, we were unable to connect to chat. Reconnecting in 2 seconds.”.

I’ve tried with two separate accounts, refreshing my oauth token for one and still get the above error message.

Did anything change? The willie irc bot doesn’t give any other error messages and has been working for about 3 months without connection issues.

Thanks in advance!

Chat was derped http://twitchstatus.com so that was the issue seems to have cleared up now!

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