Having trouble connecting with KVIRC to new servers

I’ve been trying to connect to irc.twitch.tv:6667, as well as other specific servers on the new IP list on KvIRC. I haven’t had any issues in the past, but after moving I’ve had no luck. I’ve updated my OAuth Key and used it as password and setup the network/servers as listed. Any suggestions?

What issues specifically? Error message?

] [tmi.twitch.tv]: Error logging in
[19:37:55] [SOCKET ERROR]: Remote end has closed the connection
[19:37:55] Connection terminated [irc.twitch.tv (]

If you are getting “Error logging in,” this means the server password your entered is incorrect. Try generating a new OAuth token, and ensure that it is prefixed with “oauth:” before entering it. You can also use this handy OAuth token generator for chat: http://www.twitchapps.com/tmi/

If I use the key from Twitch with “oauth:” as a precursor it’s stating login unsuccessful, but using that token generator key it works fine, thanks for the help!

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