Having trouble starting the developer rig

I am currently working on windows and having trouble starting the developer rig properly. I believe I have thing filled out right but I keep on getting this error

‘EXT_CLIENT_ID’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

What platform are you attempting to start the rig on?

I ran into this. On windows CMD you have to type the yarn start portion first, then all the environment variables

yarn start EXT_CLIENT_ID=<client id> EXT_SECRET=<secret> EXT_VERSION=<version> EXT_CHANNEL=<channel> EXT_OWNER_NAME=<owner>



windows 10

I realized I lied In my other post. This will run it but it doesn’t take the arguments. Guess we are in the same boat. I’m just going to hardcode it into the config (Config folder env.js;Line 85) while doing testing, then starting with a plain yarn start. But I guess we gotta figure it out before pushing a production version.

HI! I’m facing something similar to this, I’m on Win10 too. I’ve read in other post that creating a file “.env.local” with the env vars there should work. Indeed, the rig start with the config vars setted up but I get this error “Unable to retrieve extension manifest, please verify EXT_OWNER_NAME and EXT_SECRET”. Have you ever faced a similar problem?

Edit: From what I can understand it seems that the values for those vars are wrong, except that they aren’t. I’m following the docs step by step.

Edit2: noblesse oblige; I was wrong. My user name was wrong :confused:

trolling around on the forums I manage to figure it out.
the first thing you need to do is make a .evn.local file in the root your working from and put the arguments in that,


EXT_CLIENT_ID= blah blah blah
EXT_SECRET= haha nope
EXT_CHANNEL=rigZelkonhezine (is this right for channel)

and then simply put in the command yarn start on the

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I’m having the same issue as audi0slave. The client id I am finding from the extension overview page, same with the version. The channel I assume is my channel I want to test on. What is the owner name? Is it the channel that created the extension? Is it the public author string in the general settings for the extension? I don’t think my owner string is correct but I don’t know what it is supposed to be and can’t find anything in the docs explaining what it is.

Edit: I found it in the rig local readme, owner is my channel name as well.