Having trouble with the Twitch API

I am trying to get chat, then turn that into number of chatters per time period and then take the top 10 moments and print into a text file so that I can edit easier, however, I can’t seem to get it to work. it seems something wrong with the client id which I don’t fully understand.

import requests
import logging
import json
import tkinter as tk
import tkinter.messagebox as messagebox
import functools

Function to get the chat logs for a given video

def get_chat_logs(client_id, video_id):

Make a GET request to the Twitch API to retrieve the chat logs for the given video

url = f"https://api.twitch.tv/v5/videos/{video_id}/comments"
headers = { “Client-ID”: client_id }
response = requests.get(url, headers=headers)

Print the URL and status code for debugging purposes
print(f"URL: {url}“)
print(f"Status code: {response.status_code}”)

If the request was successful, return the chat logs

if response.status_code == 200:
return response.json()

If the request was unsuccessful, display an error message and return an empty list

messagebox.showerror(“Error”, “An error occurred while retrieving the chat logs. Please check your client ID and video ID and try again.”)
return []

Function to parse the chat logs and extract the chat volume for each moment in the video

def parse_chat_logs(chat_logs):
chat_volume_by_moment = {}

Iterate through each chat log and extract the timestamp and number of messages

for chat_log in chat_logs:
timestamp = chat_log[“content_offset_seconds”]
messages = chat_log[“messages”]

If this moment has not been seen before, initialize the chat volume to 0

if timestamp not in chat_volume_by_moment:
chat_volume_by_moment[timestamp] = 0

Add the number of messages for this moment to the chat volume

chat_volume_by_moment[timestamp] += len(messages)

return chat_volume_by_moment

Function to identify the top 10 moments with the highest chat volume
def find_top_moments(chat_volume_by_moment):

Sort the moments by chat volume in descending order

sorted_moments = sorted(chat_volume_by_moment.items(), key=lambda x: x[1], reverse=True)

Return the top 10 moments
return sorted_moments[:10]

Function to add textboxes and a submit button to the UI
def add_ui_elements(main):

Create the main window

window = tk.Tk()
window.title(“Twitch Chat Logs”)

Create a label for the client ID textbox

client_id_label = tk.Label(text=“Enter your client ID:”)

Create a textbox for the client ID

client_id_textbox = tk.Entry()

Create a label for the video ID textbox

video_id_label = tk.Label(text=“Enter the video ID:”)

Create a textbox for the video ID

video_id_textbox = tk.Entry()

Create a submit button

submit_button = tk.Button(text=“Submit”)

Return the client ID and video ID textboxes and submit button

return client_id_textbox, video_id_textbox, submit_button, window

Function to create a submit button

def create_submit_button(main):

Create a submit button

submit_button = tk.Button(text=“Submit”)
return submit_button

Main function

def main(client_id_textbox, video_id_textbox, submit_button):

Get the client ID and video ID from the UI

client_id = client_id_textbox.get()
video_id = video_id_textbox.get()

Check if the user has entered a client ID and video ID

if not client_id or not video_id:
messagebox.showerror(“Error”, “Please enter a valid client ID and video ID.”)

If a client ID and video ID have been entered, make the API request

chat_logs = get_chat_logs(client_id, video_id)

Parse the chat logs and extract the chat volume for each moment in the video

chat_volume_by_moment = parse_chat_logs(chat_logs)

Find the top 10 moments with the highest chat volume

top_moments = find_top_moments(chat_volume_by_moment)

Write the top moments to a file

with open(“top_moments.txt”, “w”) as f:
for moment in top_moments:
f.write(f"{moment[0]}: {moment[1]}\n")
messagebox.showinfo(“Success”, “The top moments have been written to top_moments.txt.”)

Add the UI elements and get the client ID and video ID textboxes and submit button

client_id_textbox, video_id_textbox, submit_button, window = add_ui_elements(main)

Bind the main function to the submit button’s “Button-1” event

submit_button.bind(“”, functools.partial(main, client_id_textbox, video_id_textbox))

Run the main loop for the GUI


Run the main function

if name == “main”:
client_id_textbox, video_id_textbox = add_ui_elements(main)
main(client_id_textbox, video_id_textbox, submit_button)

I have tried many things for the past few hours, making sure that the code was proper and it was making the API call but it isn’t.

This is a undocumented/never supported for use by third parties API that seems to have now been removed.

As it was never supported, there is no migration path.

You need a uservoice for your request in order to ask Twitch to offer support for this.

Or to capture chat in real time rather than from a VOD.

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