[Helix API] No Endpoint to refresh access token (Expect the one in the old api)


Maybe i missed it but i found it nowhere in the documentation.

What call do i have to make in order to refresh the access token using only the helix api (I want to avoid to migrate later again to another endpoint)

It seems that at the moment there is only this endpoint “kraken/oauth2/token” available to refresh the access token, which is part of the old api?

One thing i noticed here which is kind of an inconsistency, the endpoint to get the initial token:

“api/oauth2/token” -> returns the scopes parameter as a comma seperated list e.q. “scope_1,scope_2”

the api endpoint “kraken/oauth2/token” returns the scopes in an string array, i guess if the kraken endpoint to refresh the token is the correct one then this might be an oversight (which is a little inconvenience because now i need two seperated api response dtos to parse the response correctly since i am working with java, which i think is unnecessary)

Maybe i am missing the obvious tho and someone can point me in the right direction or the the relevant helix endpoint?

Currently, there is no published Helix endpoint to get tokens of any kind. This is likely due to the fact that Helix uses the same types of tokens as Kraken and there’s really no need to re-invent the wheel and have two API endpoints that function the same exact way and return the same exact data.

That makes sense, my mistake was that i thought “api/oauth2/token” was part of the new api. Just wondered why that was the case.

My point regarding the different types the scopes are returned still stands tho. It’s not really a must have, since there is an easy workaround but would be nice to make the api cleaner :smiley:

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