Helix API rate limits

Hi all,

Language: Python
Category: Chat Bot

I recently started building a bot and I’m trying to understand the rate limits for Helix API calls and JOINs.

  1. I connect to irc.chat.twitch.tv using my nickname, and OAUTH token.

  2. I call https://api.twitch.tv/helix/streams?first=50 passing my Client-ID in the header.
    Is there a rate limit on calling Kraken to retrieve a full list of “live” streams?

  3. I JOIN channels at a rate of 50/15 seconds (200 per minute).
    This is working and all JOINs are successful, but can I increase this to JOIN more channels quicker?

Thanks in advance for your time.

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  1. This doesn’t seem to be a question
  2. Kraken doesn’t have a rate limit beyond “don’t be a idiot”
  3. No

Your use case doesn’t make sense, there isn’t really a reason for you to join the first 50 live stream channels like this without permission from those broadcasters.

@BarryCarlyon thanks for your reply.

I should state that I had/have no intention of performing any Chat Bot functions in any channel other than my own, this use-case/scenario was for descriptive purposes only.

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