Helix feature parity with v5 API?

When can we expect the Helix API to return information that currently is only available from the v5 API? In my case, the service I’m making requires the offset information for clips to know when they occurred in the source video. Currently, I can just take the number of seconds for the offset as reported by the v5 Clips endpoint, but this information is not given in the Helix endpoint (despite this information being used by Twitch on clip pages to link to the original video and timestamp).

Side note: It’s annoying having to un-format the time duration strings (“1h2m3s”) returned by the other Helix API endpoints compared to the ease and speed of just using the simple integer returned by the v5 API to represent the number of seconds.

@awsr Thanks for the question! As you’ve seen this year, we’ve definitely been adding more endpoints to the helix namespace, as it represents a big mutual advantage for developers and twitch creators. It’s more optimized for availability, performance, and long term support. We recognize we still have some work to do to make valuable use cases possible with helix, and that work is ongoing. As for your specific use case, please make sure that it is filed in UserVoice, and it will be absolutely be evaluated as we continue out work to improve helix.