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3-4 months ago, it was announced, that the follower count will find it’s way back into Helix. Isn’t there anything new, or am i missing anything?

I’m not aware of a way to get follower count yet using Helix.

Nevermind, it seems that you can get the number of followers by querying https://api.twitch.tv/helix/users/follows?to_id=xxxxxxx

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Nice! I was not aware of that. Cool.

The total field can also be used to represent more information than just the follower count:

  • When providing only ‘from_id’, ‘total’ represents the number of users a user is following.
  • When providing only ‘to_id’, ‘total’ represents the total number of followers the user has.
  • When providing both ‘from_id’ and ‘to_id’, ‘total’ is either ‘1’ or ‘0’ depending if ‘from_id’ is following ‘to_id’.

Pretty useful.

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