/helix/streams and user_login

I started implementing the new Twitch API today and immediately noticed a missing response value in /helix/streams (GET). The response does not contain login names. Only user ids.

Most websites who add user streams to their site where visitors can view them (like teamliquid.net) more than likely use these login names to add them and to fetch their online status from the API. User login name is also used because the user id is not visible anywhere on the streamer page. You can make a request using the user_login value, but you only get the user id in the response.

This is rather annoying as now I will have to make a request to /helix/users to sync all user logins with user id’s via another cronjob so I can match twitch user_ids with my database and update online status. Is this seriously by design or can it be updated to include the user_login information to match data?

Alternatively, now, I believe we could create a webhook to listen to online\offline status but this has the same issue, no user login, just id.

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you have to do the syncing only once to save all the user id’s and with registering a new one. Doing this once, plus querying an endpoint at adding/registering, should give you the wanted results!

Before the new helix API came out Twitch staff managed feature requests by GitHub Issues. Sadly I have no idea where they manage them now. :frowning:

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This is great feedback re: reporting issues. I’ve brought it up with the team. I’ll let you know when I have an answer :smiley:

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