Helix streams API

https://api.twitch.tv/helix/streams response doesn’t contain user_name (which I really need and thats why I parse it from thumbnail_url).Hope it will be added in nearest future, thanks

You could use the “user_id” returned from the ‘/streams’ endpoint and use it against the ‘/users’ endpoint and this will return a username for the stream.

For my application, I want the name of the user and the name of the game. This results in 2 extra calls that hinders the performance–would be really nice if streams api could just include that information

Caching the result of those extra calls can potentially reduce your number of requests depending on your app design.

It’s also worth noting that adding more fields can bloat the endpoints with redundant data, and just because it may make things simpler for you it will add extra overhead (however small) to every single request, even devs who have no need whatsoever for those fields you want added would be getting these fields and Twitch would have to process them.

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