Helix Sub missing count?

I noticed the new Get Broadcaster Subscriptions endpoint doesn’t include a count. If I am loading all subscriptions, how do I track progress if I don’t know how many I’m looking for?

The last page will have zero records in the data array

What I do is I paginate if I have a cursor and number of records = page limit I paginate the next page.

So if the last page does have 100 records the next page will have zero records. (which is less than the limit I request and I usually request 100)

@BarryCarlyon But I like to output a progress percentage as I’m reading through pages. I can’t even tell the user how long it’s going to take without knowing how many pages I will be loading and I can’t do that without a total count before I start.

Yup nothing can be done about that currently.

I’ve highlighted this as a issue (no total) to Twitch Staff already.

Currently highlighted issues are:

  • No Total
  • No tenure information
  • No Dates/start/end times

I’ve also pointed out that the endpoint also lacks sub point info, which would be great to have.

There’s an undocumented endpoint that shows how many subs are at each tier, as well as current sub points and what’s needed for the next emote slot unlock which would be very useful to have on this endpoint as well so we don’t have to call a separate endpoint, and if we only need that general information we shouldn’t need to go through every page.

Lets add that user_name is not consistent. This is the Display_Name.

Documentation doesn’t show parameters for the cursor.

cursor usage is “standard” across all helix endpoints

Right, I understand that. My point is the documentation is not consistent across all helix endpoints.
Either make an overall persistent parameter category the covers all endpoints, or list all the parameters for each endpoint.
Otherwise it creates confusion for newcomers, which results in more threads filled with the same questions over and over.

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