Helix/subscriptions pagination cursor loops endlessly

First of all, the New-API reference documentation for getting subscriptions,

does not list pagination options like first, after, etc. So maybe there is just something I am missing. It would be great if the docs could be fixed.

Now to the actual problem: The API endpoint https://api.twitch.tv/helix/subscriptions keeps returning pagination cursors, even at the end of the data. What’s more baffling about it, with each new request beyond the end, the cursor keeps changing ever so slightly, as in, there is only a single letter difference in the cursor string.
I know that as a workaround, I can simply check the size of the returned data batch against the first parameter and stop requesting once the data runs out. However, I have a strong feeling that it’s not supposed to be this way.

Thanks for the post. Is the following UserVoice entry explaining the same issue you are experiencing? If so, please upvote the post.

And if possible it would be great if you could create a new UserVoice entry under the documentation category so the team can investigate the pagination options not being present. Thank you!

Thanks for the response and for bringing UserVoice to my attention. I have found a suitable entry under documentation that describes my issue more generally:

I have upvoted both this and the entry you recommended, thanks.

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