Helix/subscriptions pagination stops returning subs


I have developed a sub points calculator, and it worked by pulling all of the information from:
and after that call, I get the pagination information back and place it in my next call:
And it worked great for months, but towards the end of July, it stopped working.

After debugging my own code and going through different channels with less subscribers, I’m at a loss here. It makes the first 9 calls just fine, but on the 10th call, the return value is always:
The target broadcaster has more than 1000 subscribers, so this results in the calculation being incorrect. I always update the next call with the return value of the cursor of the previous call.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. I can provide more code / info if needed but I didn’t want to paste loads of code without reason.

I cannot replicate this problem.

I’m getting 5000+ subs at 100 per page on a given streamer without issue

Thank you for your quick reply. Perhaps my symptom of it being the 10th call is a red herring. Their dashboard is showing 1114 sub points, while my calculated (tier 1000 = 1, 2000 = 2, 3000 = 6) ends up being 1000. There’s always been a slight offset, which we attributed to people upgrading their tiers, but we’ve never seen 114 point disparity. I’m at a loss here on the issue.

I appreciate your time and I guess I’ll keep plugging away.

Edit: Not red herring for me, the issue on my end is definitely pagination if it be my issue or not.

I reduced the amount of subs to 1 per page and tried it on my own channel, as I only have 70 subs.

On the 30th call, I get back: {"data":[],"pagination":{}}

URL is: https://api.twitch.tv/helix/subscriptions?broadcaster_id=37749713&first=1&after=eyJiIjp7IkN1cnNvciI6IjIwMjAtMDgtMDdUMDI6MTQ6MTZaIn0sImEiOnsiQ3Vyc29yIjoiMjAyMC0wOC0wN1QwMjoxNDoxNloifX0
{“data”:[{“broadcaster_id”:“37749713”,“broadcaster_name”:“Metalus69”,“gifter_id”:"",“gifter_name”:"",“is_gift”:false,“plan_name”:“Channel Subscription (metalus69)”,“tier”:“1000”,“user_id”:“267199061”,“user_name”:“Ip_gaming1”}],“pagination”:{“cursor”:“eyJiIjp7IkN1cnNvciI6IjIwMjAtMDgtMDdUMjM6NDM6MTVaIn0sImEiOnsiQ3Vyc29yIjoiMjAyMC0wOC0wN1QyMzo0MzoxNVoifX0”}}
Fetching next resultset with pagination ID: eyJiIjp7IkN1cnNvciI6IjIwMjAtMDgtMDdUMjM6NDM6MTVaIn0sImEiOnsiQ3Vyc29yIjoiMjAyMC0wOC0wN1QyMzo0MzoxNVoifX0

URL is: https://api.twitch.tv/helix/subscriptions?broadcaster_id=37749713&first=1&after=eyJiIjp7IkN1cnNvciI6IjIwMjAtMDgtMDdUMjM6NDM6MTVaIn0sImEiOnsiQ3Vyc29yIjoiMjAyMC0wOC0wN1QyMzo0MzoxNVoifX0
{“data”:[{“broadcaster_id”:“37749713”,“broadcaster_name”:“Metalus69”,“gifter_id”:"",“gifter_name”:"",“is_gift”:false,“plan_name”:“Channel Subscription (metalus69)”,“tier”:“1000”,“user_id”:“38162465”,“user_name”:“Safire224”}],“pagination”:{“cursor”:“eyJiIjp7IkN1cnNvciI6IjIwMjAtMDgtMDdUMjM6NTM6MjdaIn0sImEiOnsiQ3Vyc29yIjoiMjAyMC0wOC0wN1QyMzo1MzoyN1oifX0”}}
Fetching next resultset with pagination ID: eyJiIjp7IkN1cnNvciI6IjIwMjAtMDgtMDdUMjM6NTM6MjdaIn0sImEiOnsiQ3Vyc29yIjoiMjAyMC0wOC0wN1QyMzo1MzoyN1oifX0

URL is: https://api.twitch.tv/helix/subscriptions?broadcaster_id=37749713&first=1&after=eyJiIjp7IkN1cnNvciI6IjIwMjAtMDgtMDdUMjM6NTM6MjdaIn0sImEiOnsiQ3Vyc29yIjoiMjAyMC0wOC0wN1QyMzo1MzoyN1oifX0
Reached end of results, no more to fetch.

It’s a pretty simple loop call to fetch them.

Ah you are reporting a duplicate of

I thought you were reporting that page 10 was failing completely, not that the data you have fetched is appearing incomplete

Ah sorry thank you, I’ll close my ticket and follow those.

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