Hello World Problems

Hello everyone, I am attempting to start developing for twitch and just like every other time I’ve changed environments as a coder, I’m trying to work my way through the hello world example. That being said, every time I try to create my project (using the native rig) by importing the hello world code (or any of the other extension example codes provided) I get an “error occurred, check developer console” message. Has anyone had anything similar happen, or have any idea as to what could be going on?


If you right click in the developer rig and press “Toggle Developer Tools” on the project page, the JavaScript console will come up.

Would you be able to post the error from that console here to help see what the issue is?

Sounds like this is occuring at the project create step?

Are you able to create a blank project?
Is it jsut the clone step that is failing?

This usually trips as NodeJS and/or NPM is not installed on your System and is not in $path

You may wish to skip the Hello World example and refer to the code for it via github, if you don’t intend to program your extension EBS in node (that is if your extension needs an EBS)