[Help] Check is IP is twitch chat server

Is there a way to check if a specific IP is a twitch server. I need a way to check if a user-specific address(can be an address such as tmi.twitch.tv or ip) is a twitch server via the webapi

I don’t understand your use case for checking a IP returned by a DNS Lookup to tmi.twitch.tv belongs to Twitch or not…

The only published list is the chat server list:

Outside of that you’d have to DIG the domain name and see what the round robin returns.

Ultimately is there anyway to determine a host lookup IP belongs to who you think…

Although what do you mean:

Kraken (and others) is on api.twitch.tv
TMI is on tmi.twitch.tv
Chat is on irc.twitch.tv

The clue is in the name…

The use case is general-use IRC clients looking to distinguish twitch chat from other IRC networks for purposes of the client handling twitch differently.

To explain better. I’m looking for a way to tell if a user-input string is a twitch-chat server. For host names its easy to check the text against irc.twitch.tv and tmi.twitch.tv. But what if the user inputs an ip address, say to connect to a specific chat server such as the group-chat servers? Is there a way to determine if said specified IP address is a twitch chat/tmi server.

All the Twitch Chat Servers IP’s are listed here.

Group Chat IP’s are in the Group chat response:


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