Help creating a list?

I was trying to make a bot on mirc which will gather peoples ingame names they post on twitch chat and send it to a table or list which I can than retrieve in order which posted.

So say I tell people whoever wants to play to type !ign:
Their username will get stored which I can later type a command to later view the name and it will automatically remove itself allowing me to just type the command again to view the list if that person happen to have left.

UserAlice: !ign: for4loss
Bot: You’ve been que to play.
Admin: !nextperson
Bot: for4loss (removes name from list in case person left)
Admin: !nextperson
Bot: -reads off next name on list.

Hope this makes sense in what I’m trying to do.

I’d suggest asking for help on a forum more suited for bot development (maybe Hawkee, since this doesn’t really pertain to Twitch’s SDK or API.

The system you want is quite simple if you use a text file. Just have two commands that add and read/remove lines from a text file. There’s probably some mIRC tutorials you can Google on reading and writing to text files from mIRC too, since it seems you’re a beginner.