Help ! My broadcast goes offline all the time

First, my english is bad ! Sorry for it :confused:

I am programming my chatbot.
today I went to do my live through the obs,
the obs sends the signal but the twitch is not receiving!

I’ve tried to use obs, streamlabs, xsplit, TwitchStudio but I’m still offline on twitch

already tried to live on the tablet using the official app of twitch also I’m still offline!

if i change the account and use another account i can make live so it is not the computer, internet or program.

my problem is in my account, I have already contacted support but they tell me to restart the modem (really ??!?!)

my doubt is:
I may have used a command on my chatbot that misconfigured my account to the point that I was unable to transmit? what would this command be? how can i undo this?

I am waiting, please help me!
sorry if you are in the wrong category of the forum

obs: live = broadcast

This forum can’t help with streaming issues. Since it’s for thrid party dev support

A chat bot has no bearing on ability to stream.
Since a chat bot isn’t running under your account

Normally I’d send you to support but you’ve already been there. So time for another ticket with more information?

yes yes … i know but i’m also a small dev

I use twitchlib C #

use in my code “TwitchLib.Client” and “TwitchLib.APi”
to get information from my live

are you really sure it wasn’t my chatbot that misconfigured something?

I already have 5 tickes in support :confused:

sorry but i paid my counted with the live
I’m really waiting, I really don’t know if it’s my “chatbot” or twitch problem

anyway thanks so much for trying to help me

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