HELP! My PS4 stream appears as offline

Hey guys,

I have been streaming for a couple of months now, mainly from my ps4. I never really had any issues, but for the fact that none of my followers with notifications on get notified by email when I go live.

So, last thursday I tried streaming through streamlabs for the first time, sharing my gameplay with remote play. That did work, but for my weekend content I need to stream from my ps4. I went back to console streaming on friday and saturday, and both days none of my followers could see me as online. It is so frustrating at this point, because I feel like I am missing out on loads of viewers because of this.

I tried the basic troubleshoot steps, such as turning online status and activity sharing off and on, I disconnected twitch from ps4 and got it back on, but nothing seems to work. I also can’t seem to find anyone with the exact same problem who got the right answer. Can somebody help me please?

The third party developers forum cannot help with this issue, for further help please visit

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