Help! Naming a chat bot with NICK command!

I’m starting developing with the twitch api and I’m creating a chat bot. The problem is that when I send a message to the chat with s.send(“PRIVMSG #tholdan97 : bla”) in the chat it appears my account nickname even I’ve sent s.send ("NICK "+ “bot” + “\r\n”), thanks for your support.

You need to create a Twitch account with the desired bot name and generate the OAuth token under that account. NICK is a no-op command in Twitch IRC so it does nothing.

Thanks for your response! Imagine many people is using the bot at the same time, it is possible the bot being considered spammer and banned?

If you are hosting the bot yourself for multiple people you will want to make sure it is a moderator in all channels and stay within the message limits. If you are getting close to going over apply for white-listing.

If it’s an application that users will download and run themselves then they should provide their own account for each instance.

Thanks george for your help! I will cap the limit because now I’m the only one using it (still getting into twitch api).

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