[Help] Official Twitch Support email told me it "does not work with developers" and pointed me here regarding dev verification? (also the help forum doesn't allow new topics)

I don’t know where to post this since the Help forum has disabled new posts.

I am trying to get my developer account verified, which I was told to expect 2-3 days. It’s been almost three weeks now and my request is still stuck on “Your Request is in Progress. Please expect your access in one week while we confirm the organization access request. We will send you a confirmation email using the address you provided. Be sure to check your spam filter if you haven’t received a response in that timeframe.”

I emailed support3@twitch.tv and they literally told me “Unfortunately Twitch Support does not work with developers” and pointed me to the forums. I’m extremely confused, if the official support arm can’t tell me the status of my account verification, why would someone on the forums be able to?

Anyhow, any help would be appreciated. I’m extremely perplexed as why I’m getting the run around from support. Anyone that’s had a similar issue and resolved it, I’d love to hear from you.


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