Help please, people that were previously in the stream showing in users in chat. (streamlabs)

I’m using streamlabs and I’m trying to see who is in the chat using the users in chat function. People that were previously in the chat are showing and I’m trying to see who is in the chat currently. I don’t know if its meant to show the people that were in the chat and if its meant to show the people that were in the chat that’s fine but if there is a way to show the people that are in the chat currently that would be helpful. Any help is appreciated.

That is correct, as you don’t know whom is in chat and lurking/not speaking.

So it’s doing what it’s supposed to be doing.

The people listed are in chat. They are just lurking/not speaking

Well I thought that at first but right now I’m not streaming and people are showing. While I’m streaming it says there is a ton of people there but my viewer count is 0. Every time I start streaming it says there is all the same people instantly and they never disappear.

If I open your cahnnel right now I will appear

People love to keep chat open or are using a third party chat client such as chatty

A lot of people run bizarre lurker bots that just lurk chat.
Sounds like it is this group of bots that you refer to.

Oh alright I didn’t know that. That’s a bit annoying because its going to be hard to check who is actually watching. Thanks for the help. Do you know a way to see who is actually watching or is that not a thing?

Yeah theres no “show me the list of people whom are watching”
Let alone logged out people watching wouldn’t show in such a list

Oh alright thanks.

Privacy rules on Twitch keep the identity of viewers anonymous unless they choose to interact, such as by commenting in the chat.
Streamers can see the number of viewers, and those who chat can be identified by their username in the chat interface, but Twitch does not provide a tool or feature through extensions or otherwise that reveals the identity of all viewers passively watching a stream. This ensures privacy and a level of anonymity for viewers, aligning with Twitch’s privacy policies.
Best tip I’ve ever had is to hide number of people watching and talk to the audience as if there is plenty of people watching. Hope that helps

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