Help regarding a new developer application


I am trying to create my own chat bot but I am having problems with a few things even before starting to code it.
I have read the documentation and I have checked a few threads on here but I couldn’t find the answers.

  1. I want the chat bot to use a different nickname, not my own.
    Do i have to make a second Twitch account and register the application under it?
    If yes - what do I do with the application I have already registered under my account? May I get it deleted?
    If no - Do I use the application created under my own account and make a separate Twitch account that will be the
    bot, log in to it, go to the application url and authenticate it so the application can use it as the bot?

  2. I am making the both for my own channel during my stream. Why do I need to specify a URL?

  3. Can I make the url inaccessible for anyone but me so I can authorize myself there so my bot can
    use the account I’ve made for it or can I just leave the url for the application to localhost when the application
    is already in production? I mean is this allowed by Twitch?

Any answers and help are very much needed and will be greatly appreciated.

If you are making the application to have a client ID to make queries to the API, you can leave it under your account and just use the client ID during the bot’s queries. The bot can be a different account.

This is for web based applications, you can leave it as something like your twitch page just as a filler, you can change it later if needed. For a chat bot with no web interface it isn’t really needed.

You can make your own application to request a chat token as a specific user, or you can use something like: Twitch Chat Password Generator and use your bot credentials to get it’s “chat oauth” with scope=chat_login

The URL it just where the user would be redirected to after authentication. If you make a web app just to generate a chat_login oauth then where it redirects you to is trivial.

You should register your applications under your main account. How you get the oauth token for your bot is up to you. Redirect urls can be private.

Thank you very much for the helpful answers.
I should have probably started with the following:
Am I required to register an application to write and use my own bot?

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