Help removing channel point rewards for a stream I am editor for

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Bit of an unusual request here. I am not a developer and need some help getting started. Short version is that I am the lead mod and editor for a streamer who has just experienced some significant personal loss. Some of their custom channel rewards will be huge triggers when they come back to streaming, and (on her request) I’d like to remove them if it’s possible. Based on my complete layperson’s reading of some of the Twitch support documentation, it appears I should be able to do this with Editor permissions on their stream and the Channel Points API… is anyone available to walk me through how to do this?

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TLDR: This is not possible.

Longer response: you as an editor have no control or rights over channel points rewards.

They can only be updated by the owner of the account.
Or the developer that created the reward via the API

If you are neither of these, then you have no ability to modify/control channel point rewards. Beyond “pausing” them, if that reward supports/uses the queue.

@BarryCarlyon Thanks for the reply. I guess the next best option is to sit next to them and just be present as a friend while they do it themselves. Thanks for both the short and long responses.

Does “pausing” them remove them from being redeemable by people in the stream? If so, that would be good enough. Is that something I can do?


Only if that reward uses the queue. Ones that skip the queue don’t have the pause option available to moderators

Editor’s have no control or ability

When a redeem happens, it enters the rewards que in the moderator view: does that mean it’s pausable? Where would I look to see if it is possible?

Geneally speaking you want to do a true disable not a pause. But whatever works

Editors/mods don’t have sufficent control. But a pause should do the trick.

Only rewards that use the queue will be able to be paused by a moderator

Looks like the pause option is available, thank you so much. That is 80% of the way there and will at least prevent these from showing up in their chat window live on stream.

We will be able to handle the grief of actually deleting those together off-stream.

Really appreciate the quick help, thank you.

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